Pete's Auto Glass Center Company Profile

Petes Automotive Glass CenterAfter working in the automotive glass industry for over 20 years, Pete Tapia decided to open Pete’s Automotive Glass Center in June 1989. It was with a little bit of savings and a gleaming eye of hope that he proceeded with his dream. The road was not without its deep valleys and mountain tops, but through it all Pete always stood behind his work. A strong sense of work ethics and a solid foundation of honesty have kept customers returning with new work. Pete made sure he passed his work ethics down to his older son Benjamin. He has carved his name in the industry by focusing his efforts in the Custom Auto Glass sector. Ben has spun off and formed One Piece Products which handles many custom projects like chopped vehicles and custom one offs for his clientele. Working alongside his father, Ben carries a vision of a company that future clients will go to not only for custom auto glass, but also a company that takes care of its clientele in their time of need, while still offering peace of mind that everything was done the right way!

The staff at Pete’s Automotive Glass Center is fully knowledgeable on automotive glass installation procedures. Pete's friendly office staff handles any questions about scheduling and pricing while the service certified technicians take care of the mobile assignments.