Windshield Repair & Rock Chip Repair

Rock Chip RepairWindshield repair service from Pete's Auto Glass is a time-tested, proven means of extending the life of your damaged windshield. The process of repairing a windshield seems simple to the untrained eye, but requires pin-point precision and experience in order to be performed correctly.

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You have two options with a damaged windshield: repair it or replace it. Given time, the damage to your windshield WILL spread; it may be a matter of hours or months. The only thing you can count on is that if the damage is left untreated, that small chip or crack will eventually destroy your windshield.

To understand how a windshield repair works, you must understand how your windshield is made.


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Windshield Repair 101:

Mobile Windshield RepairYour windshield is comprised of multiple layers of glass laminated together under pressure. Under normal conditions, these layers will remain fixed in place but once the windshield incurs damage, a gap appears between the layers of glass in the form of a chip or crack. This seemingly harmless damage, however small, now allows the glass layers to move slightly, which is a problem. As the areas around the damage move, the remaining layers which are still adhered together resist the movement adding stress to the damage and causing the crack or chip to spread. In addition, debris, small pieces of glass from the damage, and water are now able to fill the gap, causing it to spread even more. As the gap grows, movement increases, stress around the area increases and the damage spreads exponentially. Even small bumps in the road or changes in temperature can cause a sudden expansion of the damaged area, potentially breaking through the remaining layers of glass and all the way across the windshield.

The process of repairing a windshield begins with removing debris and/or water from the gap and thoroughly cleaning the damaged area. In some cases, such as bubbling, the surface of the damage must be enlarged to make room for the application of a glass resin which will re-bind the damaged glass layers together. With the area clean and free of debris, the glass resin is applied to the gap and allowed to cure. After about an hour the resin has cured, the excess is cleaned up, and your windshield is ready for the road.

There is a Limit

Not all windshield damage can be repaired. Because the strength of the windshield depends on the continuity of the laminated glass layers, damage that has broken through all the layers of glass and cracks that are over 12 inches long have already compromised the windshield beyond repair. This is why you should attend to any windshield damage IMMEDIATELY! The longer you wait, the larger the damaged area will be and the more likely it is that the windshield will need to be replaced.

The auto glass technicians at Pete's Auto Glass can repair your windshield damage in Whittier CA as long as the damage is smaller than the size of a half dollar coin. Contact us today to schedule your windshield repair.