Practicing Safe Auto Glass Replacements Since 1989

Pete's Auto Glass Center is dedicated to ensuring your safety. Many glass shops cut several corners to increase their profits. Unfortunately for the consumer, cutting these corners can have terrible consequences.

The windshield in your vehicle does more than keep out wind and rain, it is also recognized as a safety device. Your vehicle's windshield protects the occupants during an accident by blocking flying debris, keeping passengers in the vehicle, and providing rigidity for the deployment of the passenger side airbag. During a rollover accident, your vehicle's windshield also provides additional support to the vehicle's hood to prevent a collapse.

In order for a replaced windshield to perform just as good as the factory installed windshield, proper steps must be followed. The steps for safe windshield replacement were set by the council for Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (or AGRSS). When a windshield installer follows the proper steps, he can guarantee that the windshield is installed safely and will perform correctly when needed most.

Here are a few basic windshield replacement safety steps:

Windshield Replacement Safety